Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey Plc, has been awarded a deepwater subsea inspection project to assess the integrity of a new pipelay in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) on March 18.

As a method of ensuring maximum value and profitability, whilst safeguarding operational personnel and the environment, the operator will deploy Discovery, Tracerco’s subsea CT scanner, to obtain critical baseline integrity data on the new pipeline system.

Via the use of corrosion modelling, the operator will identify multiple inspection locations along the pipe. Discovery will then be deployed to scan each pre-defined inspection area to obtain critical baseline data and identify and characterize any potential metal loss anomalies, defects or general wall loss. By obtaining this accurate integrity data on areas of future potential concern, the operator will ensure they have the data needed to be confident going forward, that the condition of their pipeline system meets all safety and regulatory requirements, whilst ensuring that maximum production is achieved.

After the initial inspection campaign, Discovery will be deployed annually to reinspect the new pipeline system to measure corrosion growth rates and identify any potential integrity concerns.

Discovery, was deemed the most suitable technological solution for the inspection campaign, as it can provide real time data on a variety of integrity issues including pipeline corrosion, pitting and wall thinning, without interrupting production. Discovery inspections are also non-intrusive, meaning the risk of damage to the pipeline is minimized as there is no requirement to remove any protective coating—regardless of thickness and material.