Following the highly successful Amendment Phase 1 project acquired in Mississippi Canyon in 2019, TGS, in partnership with Schlumberger, on March 9 revealed the second phase of their ultra-long offset node project in U.S. Gulf of Mexico (GoM).

The next phase will extend the footprint of ultra-long offset data to the Northern Green Canyon protraction area and will be called “Engagement”.  This area is characterized by complex geology and multiple salt bodies, driving industry towards a new approach to illuminate the subsurface structures. The combination of ocean bottom node data, used to record ultra-long offsets and full waveform inversion, is expected to deliver a significant uplift to the velocity model which in turn will be used to amend the existing WAZ and coil data in the area.

(Source: TGS)

Acquisition of the project is expected to commence in April 2020 with final data available in 2021. The Amendment and Engagement projects represent a new generation of survey design, with significant areas in GoM and elsewhere that will benefit.

“Green Canyon continues to experience high levels of E&P leasing activity and is a priority area for deep water exploration activity. This survey will be a critical tool to support our customers’ plans in this region. Once complete it will be the largest ultra-long offset node project in the world.” Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS, said.

This project is supported by industry funding.