TGS completed the transaction to acquire 100% of the Kingfisher 3-D seismic survey on Oct. 29 to add to its Oklahoma database. The Kingfisher 3-D is located on the east flank of the Anadarko Basin in Kingfisher and Logan Counties, Oklahoma.

The survey extends TGS’ leading onshore seismic data coverage in the core of the Scoop and Stack in the Anadarko Basin. The survey encompasses 714 sq km and increases TGS’ contiguous 3-D data coverage in the Scoop and Stack to over 10,000 km. E&) companies will now have a more comprehensive onshore seismic data set in this region for optimal well positioning and lateral drilling hazard mitigation.

“The Kingfisher 3D is an exciting addition to our existing 3D seismic database in Oklahoma. As we expand onshore seismic activities, the integration of seismic, well data, basin modeling and interpretation further provides valuable insights in this prolific region. I am very pleased to see the growth of our onshore portfolio where our unique combination of seismic and well data products delivers the best subsurface knowledge to E&Ps,” Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS, said.

This area in the Anadarko Basin is characterized by a strong structural overprint with faulting at the Mississippian and deeper levels. Utilizing its modern land imaging technology, TGS is reprocessing the data in order to offer a full suite of reservoir products that include seismic attributes and advanced simultaneous inversion volumes. The Kingfisher 3-D is complemented by TGS’ geologic products which include a proprietary interpreted basin stratigraphic model that is derived from an extensive library of high-quality well data in the Anadarko basin, comprising of over 112,000 LAS contributing to the 302,000 LAS for the entire Mid-Con area.