Trelleborg Releases Elastomer-to-Metal Wellhead Sealing Solution

A custom-engineered elastomer-to-metal wellhead sealing solution geared toward HP/HT environments has been released by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

As stated in a news release, the new mechanical end cap seal is capable of withstanding pressures of to 103.4 MPa/ 15,000 psi and temperatures up to +177 C/ +350 F in static applications. The technology uses Trelleborg’s proprietary XploR materials, which “provide superior explosive decompression resistance, oilfield fluid compatibility and longevity in HP/HT environments,” said Eric Bucci, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions segment manager oil and gas Americas.

The technology, which is geared toward HP/HT wellhead, tubing and casing hanger sealing environments, combines the pressure and extrusion resistance of a metal-to-metal bonded component with the flexibility of an elastomer, Trelleborg said.

“Sealing in the elastomer-to-metal design solution is achieved by controlled deformation of the elastomer and metal end cap elements during installation and operation. Optimal stress distribution throughout the elastomer body is modeled through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure appropriate design standards are applied to each customer’s unique application,” the company said in the release. “Extrusion resistance is provided by the specially designed metal end caps that provide positive metal-to-metal sealing interference with the hardware upon assembly and conform with any potential extrusion gaps under pressure.”

TechnipFMC, Magma Global Enter Agreement For Hybrid Flexible Pipe

TechnipFMC has entered a collaboration agreement with Magma Global Ltd., the company said.

TechnipFMC and Magma agreed on terms to develop a new generation of hybrid flexible pipe (HFP) for use in offshore applications.

HFP is expected to provide increased strength and fatigue performance, while also achieving dramatic weight and cost reductions, for subsea fluid transport applications. As part of the collaboration, TechnipFMC is purchasing a minority stake in Magma Global.

“The lighter, higher performance, and more cost-effective HFP solution will enable TechnipFMC to strengthen its leadership position in the flexible pipe business and address the new challenges of offshore deepwater fields,” said Barry Glickman, president of engineering, manufacturing and supply chain at TechnipFMC.

—Staff Reports