Spectacular Solar, Inc. announced the company has agreed to terms and has entered into a joint venture with SkyVue, LLC.

Reflecting its strategy of being fully integrated and utilizing the latest in scientific/high technology, Spectacular Solar has formed a joint venture with SkyVue, an established drone operations and aerial production company based in New Jersey. The partnership is expected to return immediate dividends for Spectacular Solar as SkyVue will aid in solar system maintenance by combining thermal imaging technology and drone technology, which can detect dead modules and panels on the cell level and can determine the degradation level of each module.

“There is tremendous synergy between our two companies as both Greg (Gomes) are I clearly ‘out-of-the-box’ thinkers and doers,” said Spectacular Solar CEO Doug Heck. “This joint venture is going to produce valuable contracts that will have a strong positive effect on SPSO’s net revenue and will benefit SkyVue financially as well.”

Additionally, SkyVue offers a wide variety of commercial and consumer aerial production services, ranging from to real estate inspections to sports coverage to producing stock footage.

Gomes and his partner Josh Spooner have over 50 years of remote-controlled aerial platform flying and photography experience. With state-of-the-art aerial platforms in their arsenal, SkyVue has the wherewithal to get that perfect aerial still shot, film the unbelievable action shots or inspect the exterior of a 20-story commercial building.

The goal of the JV is to apply Spectacular Solar’s science-based approach to the ongoing development of drone-based applications, which includes residential and commercial heat mapping, airport designs, construction sites and other innovations.

“We are committed to pushing the edge of the envelope with technologies that have a primary or secondary place in the development of alternative energy sources,” Heck said. “This reflects our emerging goal to serve as a laboratory for innovation in a variety of technology sectors.”

Although Spectacular Solar and SkyVue will remain fully independent, both companies are committed working together for the long term on innovation through various industry verticals.

Heck, in keeping with his reputation of being an industry disruptor, was able to sum up the ultimate aspiration for the joint venture in a single sentence.

“Both companies are keen on seeking to move from ‘what is’ to ‘what can be.’”