Sixgill LLC formed a partnership on Sept. 2 with Colorado-based to deliver a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to the oil and gas industry.

Based in San Francisco, Sixgill provides an industry-first AI internet of things (IoT) platform for end-to-end machine learning lifecycle management.

In a company release, Sixgill said its Sense AI platform enables to rapidly and easily train, deploy and manage computer vision models for their oil and gas customers, expanding their solutions portfolio and unlocking the value of AI-powered automation and insights.

“Our highly sophisticated Sense platform equips data scientists and ML (machine learning) engineers with centralized end-to-end tools they need to create computer vision solutions,” Carlos Anchia, CEO of Sixgill, said in a statement.

“For non-technical stakeholders, Sense makes the magic of AI-powered discovery accessible for the first time,” Anchia added. helps oil and gas operators automate compliance, eliminate truck rolls, and optimize operations by harnessing the power of AI. Powered by Sixgill Sense, the solutions suite will now provide operators with “hands off” automated intelligence and instant alerts, saving operators significant cost, labor, and time while facilitating immediate, accurate mitigation and remediation, according to the release.

“Within five years, we believe 10,000 oil and gas pad sites in the U.S. and Canada will be remotely monitored and managed by harnessing the power of AI to achieve autonomous field operations and predictive optimization,” Mark Smith, president of, said in a statement on Sept. 2.

Smith added that the oil and gas industry needs AI efficiency and automation more than ever in these turbulent times.

The companies also announced the commercial availability of the solutions suite that includes real-time volatile organic compounds gas leak detection, non-invasive tank-level monitoring and security surveillance.