SitePro Inc. revealed Jan. 6, the release of its mobile app, SitePro Mobile, which gives operators greater visibility and control over their entire fluid management system. The release of SitePro Mobile is the next evolution in digital oilfield operations, bringing the remote control and monitoring of real-time data and analytics from SitePro’s Command Center, the oil and gas industry’s most advanced fluid management software, to the iPhone and iPad.

“SitePro is committed to expanding and improving the impact our products have on the digital oilfield with a focus on helping our customers improve operational efficiencies while also enhancing the safety of their operations,” Aaron Phillips, CEO at SitePro Inc., said. “SitePro’s technology is fundamentally changing how the industry manages fluids across the energy landscape, and we’re excited to be a part of the digital revolution taking place in oil and gas.” The SitePro mobile app, previously in beta, gives users real-time visibility into the performance of equipment and facilities across their entire system. While this capability has always been available through SitePro’s mobile web, the native iOS application enhances the user experience and expands the available options.

The mobile app is equipped with a functional offline mode allowing users to access the most recently updated data even when a data network is unavailable. SitePro Mobile allows managers and field personnel to continue working when a traditional web site is not available.

The preeminent team of technology experts at SitePro is committed to continually improving product and service offerings to better serve its customer base at every stage of the fluid management lifecycle. The introduction of a mobile app to the SitePro platform is an essential next step in the evolution of the digital oilfield.