Bluware Corp., the digital innovation platform that enables the oil and gas industry to accelerate digital transformation initiatives using deep learning, has deployed Pickasso proprietary deep learning technology, a custom version of Bluware InteractivAI, in Royal Dutch Shell Plc on Sept. 1. Bluware’s technology will help Shell to improve quality and speed of seismic interpretation workflows.

The Pickasso application is being utilized by Shell exploration teams to accelerate seismic interpretations and to improve results by assisting users to identify geological features that may have been previously missed or incorrectly interpreted. Pickasso is different from other seismic machine learning tools, because it learns in real-time as interpreters provide feedback and suggest an interpretation on unseen data to deliver more precise and comprehensive deliverables than working alone.

“To meet the growing energy demand, hydrocarbons will remain a part of the energy mix for decades to come. Increasing our technological capacity and deploying digital capabilities are critical to ensure our upstream activities are dynamic and productive,” Gabriel Guerra, Shell vice president of exploration transformation, said.

Additionally, Bluware is supporting Shell to build upon previous interpretations, by enabling the functionality of Pickasso to be used with a previous interpretation completed on either Petrel or Shell’s propriety platform for seismic data interpretation nDI.

Pickasso and Bluware InteractivAI are powered by Bluware’s Volume Data Store (VDS) cloud-native data environment, which reduces data storage costs and flexibility to access data, enabling the acceleration of detailed interpretation tasks.

“The Bluware team is strategically aligned with Shell’s GeoSigns and X-Digi teams to provide modern cloud-based E&P workflows. Our collaboration with Shell on their ambitious digital transformation initiatives will deliver both near-term return on investment and long-term strategic value,” Dan Piette, CEO of Bluware, said.

Bluware has collaborated with Shell’s exploration team since early 2019 to develop Pickasso, keeping a sharp focus on digital transformation and accelerating interpretation workflows.