Seneca Resources Corp., Houston, plans three wildcats to test Upper Devonian in Glen Hazel Quad in Elk County, Pa. The #38248 Fee-PGC-SGL 25 will be drilled to 2,454 ft. in Section H, Jones Township. That well is 1.4 miles northeast of Speechley production in Glen Hazel Field and 6.8 miles north of St. Marys, Pa. In Section G in Jones Township, the company will drill #28249 Fee-PGC-SGL 25 to 2,825 ft. That well is 1.7 miles north of Glen Hazel Field and 5.6 miles northeast of the town of Johnsonburg. The third well in the series, #38246 Fee-PGC-SGL 25, is projected to 2,400 ft. in Section G, St. Marys Township. This well is 1.5 miles northeast of an unnamed Speechley field and four miles northeast of Johnsonburg.