Quorum Software, the leader in digital transformation for the oil and gas industry, said on July 15 that Secure Energy (SES), a leading midstream infrastructure solutions company, has successfully implemented the Flowcal solution for its measurement needs.

Secure Energy offers solutions for crude oil pipeline transportation, marketing, storage, processing and disposal. In seeking a technology partner, the company required a solution to automatically validate its measurement data and support its mission to reduce costs and generate the highest returns.

“As we continue to grow, we saw the need to implement technology to help us manage additional measurement points without adding more resources,” Jarret Torris, manager of measurement and crude oil quality, logistics, and volumetric accounting at SES, said. “We selected Flowcal based on the level of automation and accuracy the system can provide and the ability to identify imbalances and manage all of our measurement data.”

The Flowcal solution enables SES to integrate all critical accounting information between its measurement and accounting systems and maintain a trusted source of master data for accounting and reporting.

SES has gained the following benefits from Quorum’s oil and gas measurement software: over 250 configurable validation set points that are used throughout the industry to validate, balance, store and report gas and liquid measurement data; assured data integrity with 80% of North American midstream operator’s trusting Flowcal to identify erroneous data, validate per user-defined limits and provide clear visibility into exceptions; and over 20 years of experience in streamlining processes that easily manage system balancing, inventory, and source quality.

“Quorum has created a single source of truth that we can rely on,” Rob Denholm, senior measurement specialist at SES, said. “Our ability to gather immense amounts of accounting data has been streamlined and now, everyone in our company is aligned and collaborating more effectively.”