SIGMA3 (Sigma Cubed Inc.) provided the stimulation design and dynamic simulation modeling and onsite stimulation expertise for the San Leon Energy Plc (SLE) Lewino-1G2 shale gas well in Poland's Gdansk W Concession. With predictions of 200,000 to 400,000 scf/day, SLE described this project as the country's most successful vertical frack to date and is moving quickly to plan the first Lewino horizontal well with multi-frack stages. SIGMA3 was part of a services team led by United Oilfield Services (UOS).After testing two frack strategies in the lower Ordovician, SLE's objective for the stimulation program in the upper shale interval was to prove the ability to fracture and enable sustained production. The same strategies would then be applied to a multi-stage stimulated horizontal well in the lower Ordovician -- which has superior gas saturation and porosity -- intended to open the upper and lower intervals and deliver consistent commercial flow rates.

After the final frack, the Lewino vertical well yielded sustained production of 45,000 to 60,000 cubic feet of gas per day after partial frac fluid recovery. Using the available flowback data, SIGMA3 performed dynamic simulation modeling to determine the permeability of the upper formation and predicted post-cleanup production of 200,000 to 400,000 standard cubic feet per day.

SIGMA3 will participate in frack design and analysis of the upcoming horizontal well, due to drill and frac later this year, which will allow a number of varied frac programs to identify the best approach -- from 10 to 30 frack stages, as routinely performed in the U.S.

Sigma Cubed Inc. is based in Houston. San Leon has offices in London, Dublin and Warsaw.