RS Energy Group (RSEG) has released its newest, visionary solution, RS Next on Aug. 19.

“RS Next gives you the power of prediction through RSEG’s dynamic, high-speed technology,” Manuj Nikhanj, RS Energy Group’s president and co-CEO, said. “RSEG’s relentless commitment to high-fidelity analytics and agile, sophisticated software is at the epicenter of everything we do. This is an emerging technology solution that will transform the way our clients evaluate, acquire and develop future assets.”

RS Next is the culmination of 20 years of RSEG’s industry expertise and intellectual property  delivered alongside a rigorous software development and data science-driven strategy. The unique value to clients is the ability to reengineer conventional workflows and decision-making processes from weeks and months to minutes and seconds.

“RS Next further exploits RSEG’s augmented analytics program,” explains RS Energy Group’s co-CEO Jim Jarrell. “Partnering with RSEG accelerates our clients’ business by enabling them to spend more time analyzing, making decisions and executing on critical growth strategies with more accuracy and transparency than the market has ever seen.”