RS Energy Group (RSEG) expanded its collaboration with SWEPI LP (Shell) on Oct. 22 to include RSEG’s full technology portfolio accelerating Shell’s data science initiatives.

“Energy companies like Shell recognize the competitive edge and agility that is unlocked by leveraging advanced intelligence, analytics and data science solutions,” Jim Jarrell, president and co-CEO, RS Energy Group, said. “Having a partner like Shell is inspiring as both firms align on a boundless, forward-thinking approach to technology advancements in the energy market.”

The collaboration allows Shell to rapidly evaluate new opportunities and assess offset well designs at a highly technical level, empowering informed decisions without the risk and expense of trial-and-error. RSEG has invested in transformative technology propelling machine learning and artificial intelligence to the forefront of the energy industry.

“We extended our collaboration with RSEG late last year to include RSEG’s Core and Prism platforms as well as continued access to their published research products,” Amir Gerges, Shell’s vice president for the Permian, said. “RSEG’s innovative technology, advanced analytics and intelligence offer us invaluable insights on the industry’s learning curve and we believe this further strengthens Shell’s ability to safely develop its unconventional resources.”