RS Energy Group said Feb. 20 it has formed a strategic partnership with Denver-based FourPoint Energy and LongPoint Minerals, uniquely pairing RS Energy’s best-in-class energy intelligence and advanced analytics with FourPoint’s and LongPoint’s industry-leading technical interpretations.

This relationship will allow FourPoint and LongPoint to leverage RS Energy’s solutions, extending the depth and breadth of their technical evaluations while collaborating on innovative future projects.

“With FourPoint’s active acquisition and drilling strategy as well as LongPoint’s mineral expertise, the technology and data science advancements that we are developing together will solidify each company’s core capabilities while changing the way the industry makes decisions,” Manuj Nikhanj, president and co-CEO of RS Energy Group, said.

In the last few years, RS Energy has established strategic relationships with a select group of operators and investors that view innovation, advanced analytics and technology as a competitive edge. The strong technical teams and data-driven cultures that FourPoint and LongPoint bring to the table will help RS Energy in its continuous efforts to bring the best solutions to the market.