A couple of discoveries resulted from wildcats drilled in western Rooks County, Kan., on the northwestern end of the Central Kansas Uplift. Bach Oil Production, Alma, Neb., tested its #1 Mary Sue in Section 27-7s-20w in Lansing A, Lansing C and Lansing F from 3,218 to 3,302 ft. for 90 bbl. of oil a day. The well was designated the opener for Cocinera Northeast Field. Some 2.5 miles westnorthwest, Palomino Petroleum Inc., Newton, Kan., was running production tests of its #1 LaBarge discovery in Section 20-7s-20w. A drillstem test in Lansing recovered 860 ft. of gas, 400 ft. of free oil and 460 ft. of 65% oil-cut mud.