Petroflow Energy Ltd., Calgary, (Amex: PED) reports an average daily production of 3,803 barrels of equivalent during October, with 82% being natural gas and associated liquids and the remainder oil.

The company reports a total of 61 wells so far this year: 48 on production as of Oct. 31; three brought into production by Nov. 7; three being drilled; two in the completion phase; four salt-water disposal wells drilled; and one awaiting hookup to a gathering system.

Petroflow chief operating officer Sandy Andrew says, “We are pleased with the continued growth in production in our Oklahoma property as reflected by the 155 barrels of oil equivalent per day, a 5%, increase in our exit production rate over September. Our average production for October was about 39 barrels of oil equivalent per day lower than September due to unanticipated downtime on three producing wells, but the issues causing this downtime have been resolved.”

Petroflow has operations in Texas, Oklahoma and Alberta.—JAS