Luna Innovations, a global leader in advanced optical technology, said its OptaSense business and Liberty Oilfield Services have entered a partnership on May 13. The strategic partnership is introducing FracSense, a diagnostic service to help engineering professionals at our oil and gas customers acquire more accurate diagnostic information, ultimately leading to optimized hydrocarbon production.

“The formation of this alliance with Liberty is an important step in capturing a significant opportunity in the oil and gas market,” Scott Graeff, Luna Innovations CEO, said. “Fiber-optic sensing technology provides operators the ability to gather key data while improving their overall asset economics. We are excited to work with our partners and customers to deliver this cutting-edge technology.”

Launched in partnership with Liberty, the diagnostics service utilizes real-time fiber optic measurements to monitor the fracture treatment process in wells. Capturing high resolution, real-time data allows operators to course correct, improving fracture length and fracture-height model calibration as well as evaluating effective well spacing. Additionally, since the fiber can be deployed into new or existing wells, the technology can also be used to profile production.

“The ability to optimize frac design based on reservoir and production response will deliver considerable value. OptaSense’s fiber-optic measurements, delivering real-time data and visualization, along with Liberty’s hydraulic fracturing stimulation and completion design expertise, will help operators maximize resource recovery in their reservoirs,” James Pollard, managing director of OptaSense, a Luna company, said.