Oceaneering International’s Remotely Operated Survey (ROS) group has successfully completed an integrated rig services campaign for a major operator offshore South America and recorded a milestone 150,000 hours of ROS operations with 99% uptime with no client operations or vessel downtime on May 5.

Oceaneering was contracted by Apache Corp. in June 2019 to provide integrated rig services on the Noble Sam Croft drillship. The work scope included the provision of ROS, ROV, and acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP) for a potential three-well campaign.

The ROS and ADCP systems were mobilized and commissioned on the drillship Noble Sam Croft during the summer of 2019. The drillship then transited to Suriname where it began operations in the early fall.

“The ROS system eliminates the need to remobilize survey equipment and personnel for subsequent moves. Oceaneering surveyors in our remote control monitoring stations [RCMS] communicate and coordinate with the rig personnel and company representative during rig move activities,” Chris Echols, global business development manager, survey services, said. “The ADCP systems on the drillship are maintained, recovered, and deployed by the ROV crew. This minimizes personnel on board, and greatly reduces the logistics and costs associated with mobilizations in remote areas.”

“Additionally, during this unprecedented global pandemic, the ROS and ADCP services have added value where personnel movements have been hampered by local restrictions, which vary country to country. By utilizing ROS, Oceaneering’s services remain unaffected by these restrictions,” Echols added.

Oceaneering has now surpassed 150,000 hours of successful ROS operations. All ROS surveys are supported by our RCMS in Houston, Texas, and Lafayette, Louisiana. Having multiple separate monitoring stations allows for redundancy in our operational execution plan.

Oceaneering’s ROS can be used to execute exploration work, FPSO vessel hookup, plugging and abandonment, development, re-latch, and re-spud activities. The company also conducts remote inertial jumper metrologies, remote inertial marker buoy sets, and remote monitoring of ADCP data.