A single ram capping stack that is part of the Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC)’s interim containment system can now cap a well containing fluids with temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not-for-profit outfit MWCC is the only well containment provider that has a capping stack capable of handling these temperatures at pressures of up to 15k psi. The capping stack is the centrepiece of the company’s interim containment system and weighs 100 tons.

Increasing the rating to 350 degrees Fahrenheit required upgrading multiple pieces of equipment to ensure higher temperatures could be tolerated while still maintaining safe operation of the stack. MWCC received technical input from its member companies and industry providers throughout the re-rate process, and worked closely with regulators to ensure all requirements were met. The capping stack is approved for use in these new applications and is part of MWCC’s long-term service offering to members and to non-members on a per well basis.

“The re-rate of the single ram capping stack is another step in MWCC’s commitment to keep pace with member needs as they explore at greater depths, pressures and temperatures” said Marty Massey, CEO. “Our ongoing system enhancements underscore our commitment to industry and reinforce MWCC’s position as the leader in deepwater well containment in the deepwater US Gulf of Mexico.”

As MWCC members look for new and deeper sources of hydrocarbons, the company remains committed to providing advanced containment technology to accommodate their evolving needs, it added.

The re-rated capping stack is the most recent containment system enhancement. Earlier this summer MWCC made available a more compact dual ram 10k psi capping stack designed to reach deepwater areas where well casings and riser systems are closely spaced (see DI, 24 June 2013, page 7).

MWCC itself was formed post-Macondo to serve operators in the US Gulf.