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HVI Cat Canyon Inc. (HVICC) is offering for sale certain conventional oil properties located in the North Belridge Field of California's San Joaquin Valley.

In addition to this North Belridge sale, TenOaks Energy Advisors has been retained by HVICC in connection with the potential sale of all the assets of the company. All sales will be conducted pursuant to section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code following a voluntary Chapter 11 filing made by HVICC on July 25, 2019.


  • North Belridge Sale Properties
    • 270 gross/net acre position (100% HBP)
    • Projected April 2020 net production of 60 bbl/d of oil from the Tulare and Diatomite formations
    • Projected April 2020 LOE per barrel: $14.27/bbl
    • Complete operational control (100% Working Interest) allows for flexible development and ease of project implementation
    • HVICC is currently in the process of returning multiple wells to production
      • 18 wells have been identified in the return to production (RTP) program
    • Upside potential exists from various proven oil zones including the Tulare, Diatomite and Sub-Monterey
  • All Other HVICC Properties
    • About 570 gross bbl/d of oil, primarily in the Santa Maria Valley
    • Legacy fields in the Santa Maria Valley that have been historically under capitalized
    • Exceptional value potential from multiple RTP opportunities
Marketed: HVI Cat Canyon California Oil Properties

Offers are due by April 29. The transaction is expected to have an April 1 effective date.

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