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Lincoln Energy Partners retained Eagle River Energy Advisors LLC for the divestiture of mineral interests across the Denver-Julesburg (D-J), Powder River, Williston and the Permian's Delaware basins.

The offering includes assets in Colorado, North Dakota, Texas and Wyoming.


  • About 24,650 net royalty acres diversified across five active plays (57% HBP)
  • 945 producing wells provide low-risk and stable cash flow profile
  • About 300 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d) net production (57% Oil)
  • About $182,800 monthly net cash flow (six-month average)
  • Significant remaining reserves across all Basins with stacked pay potential
  • More than 150 new wells drilled per year on Seller's assets since 2017 demonstrating significant activity
  • Highly probable near-term development and associated cash flow uplift with 220 DUC and 1,516 Permitted Wells
  • Active portfolio operators include Occidental Petroleum Corp., PDC Energy Inc., Extraction Oil and Gas Inc., Chesapeake Energy Inc., Noble Energy Inc. and others
  • Portfolio operators actively permitting and drilling with 151 of 322 active drilling rigs in the Basins
Marketed: Delaware, D-J, Powder River, Williston Basin Mineral Interest

Bids are due March 12. Virtual data room available starting Feb. 11. The transaction is expected to have a Jan. 1 effective date.

For information visit or contact Austin McKee, managing director of Eagle River, at or 303-832-5128.