Lower48 Analytics, the first SaaS platform for oil and gas portfolio management, on Aug. 20 revealed its collaboration with BLR Digital, which allows Lower48 subscribers to streamline their workflow with access to extensive oil and gas well production and forecast data.

BLR Digital LLC, a Denver-based software and data company that creates intelligence tools to query and visualize both public and internal data, built and manages the BLR Well Cloud that contains information on over 3.5 million oil and gas wells and related production and test data.

BLR Digital also developed PetroCurveFit, which is a world-leading system to project production trends for each producing well based on the most current information. This means that well production and future forecasts are calculated for over one million producing wells each month as new data come in.

“The partnership between Lower48 and BLR just makes too much sense,” Simina Farcasiu, CEO of Lower48 Analytics, said. “PetroCurveFit’s automated data stream and Lower48’s powerful financial analytics engine provide an even more powerful portfolio management workflow for our customers and partners. This is a game changer for all upstream investors, and we can’t wait to get it into our customers’ hands.”

The platform is available for immediate use.