Lavoro Technologies, a leading provider of industrial internet-of-things enabled automation software for the oil and gas industry, has partnered with Agora IoT to make three applications available through the Agora Marketplace. The partnership will allow Lavoro to help more oil and gas companies achieve quick, measurable ROI through reduced costs, optimized production and remotely monitored and managed assets.

“We’re pleased to work with Agora to help more operators find efficiencies at all levels of their organizations that help them improve their margins and revenues,” Eric Fidler, Lavoro founder and chief strategy officer, said.

Lavoro Technologies brings real-time remote visibility, analytics and control to field operations through practical applications that easily integrate with existing equipment, implement quickly through menu-driven configuration, eliminate inefficiencies and then share data anywhere it is needed.

The following Lavoro Technologies applications are now available in the Agora marketplace:

  • Lavoro Plunger provides control and automated optimization for artificial lift wells utilizing plungers, helping operators increase production, the life of the well and maintenance intervals.
  • Lavoro Tank monitors and records level, interface, current volume, temperature and inflow/outflow volumes for tanks and tank groups. The application makes alerting and real-time data easily accessible to improve operational efficiency and reduce overflows.
  • Lavoro Ticket provides automated electronic transaction tickets containing all the process and transfer data associated with moving fluid from one point to another, supporting both simple allocation and API 18.2 fluid custody transfer. It provides real-time and historic electronic ticket data for timely and accurate accounting across all parties to improve billing and reconciliation.