An exploration probe in the frontier Sergipe Basin offshore Brazil has confirmed the extent of an ultra-deep discovery, with a formation test still underway.

Operator Petrobras said the results of extension well 3-SES-176D (3-BRSA-1178D-SES), informally known as Farfan-1, confirmed the extent of the previous light oil discovery in the Farfan area. The find was made in turbidite sandstones of the Upper Campanian (calumbi formation) in the BM-SEAL-11 concession area (SEAL-M-426).

The well is located 104 km from the city of Aracaju, around 5 km from the discovery well and in a water depth of 2,476 m (8,124 ft). The well confirmed a 51 m (167 ft) thick reservoir, featuring good per- moporosity characteristics, said the operator.

The formation test is being conducted to assess the reservoir’s productivity.

Petrobras added that the accumulation is part of the development plan for the deepwater Sergipe-Alagoas basin, in accordance with the company’s 2013-2017 Business and Management Plan.

The consortium will proceed with the Discovery Evaluation Plan (PAD).