Subsea cables and umbilicals supplier JDR Cable Systems has been awarded a contract by McDermott for the Safaniya project, the company said on May 15.

Owned and operated by Saudi Aramco, Safaniya is the world’s largest offshore oil field located in the Persian Gulf.

JDR’s scope of supply includes five thermoplastic umbilicals and hardware connecting new production platforms to the subsea valve skid (SSVS). The umbilicals—which range from 100 m (328 ft) to 465 m (1,525 ft) in length—will provide hydraulic and electric control to the SSVS.

“This award is a testament to the partnership we’ve built with McDermott,” Chris Green, JDR’s subsea production umbilicals sales manager, said. “This is our fifth combined contract for the Safaniya field and truly demonstrates the quality and reliability of our products.””

The umbilicals will be manufactured at JDR’s manufacturing facility in Littleport, U.K., with delivery scheduled for fourth-quarter 2018.

The contract with McDermott forms part of a larger program by Saudi Aramco, to replace Safaniya’s aging facilities with electrified platforms to increase the efficiency and production of the field. The field is located 125 miles (201 km) north of Dhahran in the Arabian Gulf and is estimated to contain 37 billion barrels of oil reserves.