Ikon Science, a global provider of geoprediction and open knowledge management software and solutions, has released RokDoc version 2021.4 on Sept. 27.

Functionality enhancements also include an updated version of the rose diagrams plots in the pressure and stress module.

Other notable enhancements include extract more value from multicomponent seismic data by using PP-PS mode in our Joint Impedance and Facies Inversion (Ji-Fi); better control of default colors in plots, new-window behavior, and 2D session management; an updated saturation workflow with the option to apply Backus averaging on multiple well logs; and an improved external interface gives users ability to capture parameters, control units, and test code in real time.

“Today we launch version 2021.4 of RokDoc, focusing on performance, user experience, and expanded functionality” Alan Mur, product manager for QI applications at Ikon Science, said. “We can now complete reservoir characterization workflows much faster with multi-threaded, advanced seismic data conditioning functions and multi-realization Ji-Fi exports. With the performance improvements in this release, we see 3D exports running up to 10 times faster on existing workstations and with convenient pre-sets for clusters, making scaling additional hardware easy. Users will find themselves spending much less time waiting and more time engaged with their datasets.”