The Titan Division of Hunting Energy Services, a subsidiary of Hunting PLC, the international energy services company, has entered an exclusive licensing agreement with Nammo Defense Systems Inc. on Jan. 11 for the manufacture of time delay fuses for Hunting’s perforating applications.

Time delay fuses provide a controlled delay for operators to position perforating guns after commencing the firing sequence in a tubing-conveyed perforating operation.

According to Jason Mai, managing director of Hunting’s Titan Division, the licensing agreement allows Hunting to enter the oil and gas market with its own version of time delay products and removes constraints associated with purchasing time delay fuses from outside manufacturers.

“We’re now positioned to control manufacturing, develop complementary products that will better serve our customers, and increase our revenue and profit opportunities,” Mai said.

The innovative manufacturing method developed by Nammo Defense included in the license agreement will also allow Hunting to pursue non-oil and gas opportunities.

Hunting’s perforating technology is accessible through Hunting’s network of distribution centers strategically located in all the world’s oil-producing regions.