The Titan Division of Hunting Energy Services, a subsidiary of Hunting Plc, the international energy services company, introduced its new line of EQUAfrac OP shaped charges on Feb. 22 for oriented perforating to increase oil and gas production.

Improving on Hunting’s industry-leading consistent-hole EQUAfrac technology, EQUAfrac OP shaped charges are the result of rigorous design and testing of all charges in a single orientation. By optimizing shaped charge design for applications where all shots are in a single direction, Hunting’s EQUAfrac OP shaped charges delivered the industry’s most consistent oriented perforations with an entry hole variation as low as 1%.

With oriented perforating, a perforating gun’s shaped charges are all on a single plane or pointing in the same direction. This “phase,” or pointing all shots in a single direction, makes the distance between shaped charge and the target uniform for all shots.

It also increases the likelihood that each entry hole is the same size because the perforation jets travel across the same fluid distance between gun carrier and casing. Equal entry-hole size distributes the frac fluids more evenly among each perforation zone, ensuring optimal oil and gas production stimulation.

Research by leading E&P companies has confirmed that oriented perforating, specifically when using limited-entry completion designs, improves fracturing results.

Hunting’s perforating technology is accessible through Hunting’s network of distribution centers strategically located in all the world’s oil-producing regions.