The Oilfield Technology Group (OTG) of Hexion Inc. (Hexion) and Black Mountain Sand LLC on Aug. 1 revealed their partnership created to provide in-basin production of resin-coated proppants. The partnership utilizes Hexion’s VoyagerSM mobile resin coating service and substrate from Black Mountain Sand.

This unique partnership joins together one of the leading resin-coated proppant suppliers with the fastest-growing sand supplier in the world. Hexion’s Voyager resin-coating service unit will be strategically located at Black Mountain Sand’s El Dorado sand mine. It will provide logistical efficiencies and cost savings to produce high-quality resin-coated sand in the Permian Basin.

Hexion is the only company with mobile resin-coating technology, offering customers efficient manufacturing of resin-coated proppants in any location on any substrate. Hexion’s Voyager service unit’s mobility enables strategic and efficient placement in response to changing market and customer demand.

In February 2018, the release of the first Voyager service unit provided customers with the first in-basin resin-coated proppant production in the industry. This partnership will utilize the second-generation Voyager service unit, which has twice the manufacturing capacity. Utilizing advanced chemistries, it also offers an expanded product portfolio and innovative technology to help customers address challenges beyond proppant flowback control. These include improved crush resistance, formation water reduction, and enhanced oil production.

“This partnership brings together the best in-basin sand with our advanced resin chemistries for a total in-basin proppant solution,” Mohamed Shawky, OTG commercial director, said. “We are pleased to partner with Black Mountain Sand to expand customer access to this unique technology, while leveraging the efficiencies that come with being in-basin.”