Harman Operating Co. Inc., Tyler, Texas, released details on its Rodessa discovery in the northwestern corner of Angelina County (RRC 6), Texas, about 0.5 mile southeast of the Cherokee County line. The #2 J.W. Heirs Sessions in the John Durst Survey, A-703, was tested flowing 1.39 million cu. ft. of gas a day with 1 bbl. of condensate and 1 bbl. of water. Flowing tubing pressure was gauged 1,471 psi on an 11/64-in. choke. Doyle Creek Field to the northwest has yielded 9.63 billion cu. ft. of gas, 3,558 bbl. of condensate and 771,381 bbl. of water from Pettet and Travis Peak since coming online in 1983. Hosston and Cotton Valley recovery comes from Raintree Field, generally southwest. There is no Rodessa recovery in the area, reports IHS Inc.