Halliburton Co. has introduced Cerebro Force in-bit sensors, a first-of-its-kind technology that captures weight, torque and bending measurements directly from the bit to improve understanding of downhole environments, optimize bit design and increase drilling efficiency, on Aug. 5.

Built on Halliburton’s successful in-bit vibration sensing platform, Cerebro Force utilizes downhole data to reduce or eliminate surface measurement uncertainty and inefficiencies caused by bit design, bottomhole assembly and drilling parameter selection. Through the Design at the Customer Interface (DatCI) process, Halliburton’s local network of drill bit experts, collaborate with operators to customize bits for basin-specific applications, and will use data from Cerebro Force to inform new designs and optimize parameters for efficient and precise drilling.

“Achieving drilling performance requires efficiently converting energy into rock cutting. Cerebro Force in-bit sensors provide direct measurements to help operators optimize their rate of penetration to reduce well construction costs,” David Loveless, vice president of drill bits and services, said. “We are excited to add the only in-bit sensor that accurately measures strain and pressure to our portfolio of products.”

The technology is available on fixed cutter drill bits and is compatible with conventional motor and rotary steerable drive systems.

An operator in West Texas recently deployed Cerebro Force to improve directional control while drilling the curve portion of its wells. Cerebro Force data identified several issues that limited performance, and Halliburton developed a mitigation plan that optimized drilling practices and BHA design. This reduced the time to drill the curve section by 38%.