Houston-based e-commerce platform GoExpedi has collaborated with Ensign, a Canada-based drilling company, to provide Ensign’s fleet of drilling rigs with an innovative new technology tool that will significantly enhance its supply chain capability to support their drilling operations.

Ensign has identified GoExpedi as a partner within the e-commerce, supply chain and logistics space. 

“We see advanced technology as a great tool, a tool that allows us to challenge the status quo in the oil field and specifically in the supply chain space, a tool that will assist with significantly improving service levels to our drilling rigs while never compromising safety or quality in our drive to operate as cost-effectively as possible,” Rick Pingel, vice president, global supply chain, Ensign, said.

Ensign started the rollout of their new platform on August 1 and will stage the expansion across its entire fleet of rigs. GoExpedi will provide Ensign with end-to-end services, ranging from the customized procurement platform, geotag tracking of parts to the ‘last mile’ of delivery to the Ensign rigs.