Geosite, a SaaS company specializing in cloud-based collaboration over geospatial data for efficient remote operations, said Sept. 28 it has designed and launched a COVID-19 Decision Support Tool for enterprise clients who want to minimize COVID-19 risks to employees as they reopen. 

The COVID-19 Decision Support Tool consolidates numerous COVID-19 related data sources and predictive models into a single, consistent interface that forecasts the pandemic’s effects on specific user-defined locations. Operations and human resources managers will use the software to quickly absorb up-to-date COVID-19 related data, easily visualize predictive models, and forecast expected impacts on their workforce based on flexible input variables specific to that organization’s needs.

“Our software helps leaders rapidly make data-driven decisions on whether to reopen for onsite work, where to allocate resources, and how to navigate the complex federal, state, and local guidance regarding COVID-19,” Rachel Olney, Geosite founder and CEO, said. “This pandemic has created unique challenges for large, complex organizations which perform essential operations. Our decision support software helps leaders quickly leverage ground truth data, which has been contextualized for their organization’s needs, so they can continue to operate safely and effectively in this new normal.”