GeoPark Ltd. (NYSE: GPRK) has confirmed the successful drilling and testing of the Tigana Norte 4 appraisal well in the Tigana oil field in Llanos 34 Block in Colombia.

GeoPark drilled and completed the Tigana Norte 4 well to a total depth of 3,575 m (11,730 ft). Oil shows during drilling and petrophysical analysis indicated the potential for hydrocarbons in both Guadalupe and Mirador formations.

A production test conducted with an electric submersible pump in the Guadalupe formation resulted in a production rate of approximately 1,900 barrels per day (bbl/d) of 14.1 degrees API, with approximately 1.8% water cut, through a choke of 34/64-in. and wellhead pressure of 178 pounds per square inch. Bottom-hole pressure recorders from the latest tests performed indicated a producing drawdown of approximately 30%.

Additional production history is required to determine stabilized flow rates of the well. Surface facilities are in place and the well is already in production.

The Tigana Norte 4 well follows the recently drilled Tigana Norte 3 and Tigana Norte 2 wells (currently producing 4,600 bbl/d with less than 0.2% water cut in aggregate) and extends and broadens the Tigana oil field towards the northeastern limits of the Llanos 34 Block. The well was drilled outside the 3P reserve outline defined in the 2016 DeGolyer and MacNaughton reserves certification, to a bottom-hole location that is approximately 22 m (75 ft) down dip of the Tigana Norte 1 well, and did not encounter the oil-water contact.

GeoPark is currently drilling the Tigana Norte 5 well to a bottom-hole location that is further down dip of Tigana Norte 4 well to further delineate the northeastern boundaries of the Tigana oil field.

GeoPark holds a 45% working interest in the Llanos 34 Block and serves as operator.