Gardner Denver High Pressure Solutions (HPS), the global provider of high-pressure pumps, parts and services, has launched its new GD 250HDD pump on July 22 to serve as a durable, reliable, American-made pump for a range of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications.

HDD pumps—also known as drill pumps, mud pumps, and high flow pumps—serve as an integral component to operations and provide an essential service to the HDD industry. The GD 250HDD pump expands Gardner Denver’s pump offerings into the wider HDD space for the first time, built with quality and efficiency in mind. The pump can be used to tunnel under rivers and roads and help to lay sewerage systems, water pipes, fiber optic lines and pipelines.


The pump features a very high rod load rating of 50,000 lbs, making it extremely tough and long-lasting. It is designed to run at much slower speeds while matching or exceeding the performance of existing pumps. For example, the GD 250HDD can produce 300 gpm at 1,400 psi while operating under 200 rpm. At this slow run speed, the pump can deliver the same output, flow, and pressure with less violent actions, wear and friction. By delivering fewer strokes, consumable life is extended.   

“The weight to horsepower ratio of the  GD 250HDD surpasses all other industry competitors. The GD 250 HDD packs a huge amount of power in a very small dimensional envelope, which makes it ideal for the HDD market. The pump runs incredibly smoothly due to the rigidity of the high strength ductile iron frame. Additionally, all of the bearings on the GD 250HDD feature a pressurized lubrication system, so the pump can tackle the biggest projects in the industry,” Ryan Huseman, lead engineer on the project, said.

Weighing less than 4,000 lbs, the GD 250HDD has a maximum flowrate of 460 gpm and the ability to reach pressures up to 3,000 psi. This triplex pump offers a 5 in. stroke, 50,000 lbs rod load rating and 250 breaking horsepower (BHP).