On Nov. 10, FX Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: FXEN) detailed updates on the Baraniec-1 well and the Angowice-1 well in Poland.

The Baraniec-1, in the Fences license in western Poland, was plugged and abandoned by the company after two drillstem tests. The well had been drilled to about 4,000 meters when it hit a gas saturated 48-meter (154-foot) section of tight Rotliegend sandstone with 10% to 12% porosity.

The reservoir is being analyzed for its possible commercial results, the company noted. The state-owned Polish Oil and Gas Co. operates the well and owns 51% of the working interest, while FX Energy owns 49%.

"We are disappointed with the reservoir performance on our very deepest wells in the Lisewo area," said Andy Pierce, FX Energy’s vice president of operations.

"We have encountered good gas accumulations but poor deliverability as we get deeper into the basin in this area. We plan to investigate the technologies available to deal with this problem, because we have substantial gas accumulations at these depths."

"In the meantime we plan to focus on the next shallower tier of prospects that are on trend with Lisewo, including Miloslaw-4, Przybyslaw-1 and Paruchow-1. In addition, we are developing new targets along the trend from Zaniemysl through Roszkow to the recent Karmin-1 discovery, where we have encountered the highest production rates in the whole license area," he added.

The Angowice-1, in the Edge license, is currently drilling at 2,276 meters, targeting a Devonian carbonate buildup similar to the Tuchola Field. The Angowice-1 will be drilled to about 3,500 meters total depth, targeting areas of the middle and lower Zechstein and the upper and middle Devonian, about 12 kilometers northwest of Tuchola, the company added. It owns the entire working interest and is the operator.

FX Energy Corp. is based in Salt Lake City.