FTS International Inc. hosted a leading global automobile manufacturer on April 1 at its National Operations Center (NOC) in Fort Worth, which serves as the hub for FTSI’s automation platform, to showcase its data and analytics capabilities.

In March, FTSI initiated its innovative machine health automation technology and KCF MachineIQ on its first fleet, working for Devon Energy, and is now rolling out this technology across all its fleets.

While the automotive industry is well known for its automation technologies, FTSI has brought a level of machine health analytics to the industrial space that surpasses even those in global companies several orders of magnitude larger.

“Traditional automation programs follow commands based on simple parameters such as cycle times and speed settings,” Larry Carroll, FTSI’s director of innovation, said. “But these traditional programs are blind to machine health faults and catastrophic failure.”

The hydraulic fracturing industry, with its extreme conditions, leaves machinery especially susceptible to breakdowns, which is why FTSI has invested resources over the last three years in the machine learning and analytics necessary to drive more intelligent equipment automation commands.

Carroll continued, “While these fault algorithms and automation commands are helping FTSI today, there’s no reason other industries cannot benefit from the technical foundation we’ve created.”

While the automobile manufacturer’s name remains confidential, one of this global organization’s senior executives commented, “Today’s visit was eye opening. FTSI is at the cutting-edge of machine health innovation.”