Fortress Environmental Holdings is raising startup capital to complete the buildout of its second supercenter disposal facility, which includes a saltwater disposal well (SWD), through an equity crowdfunding agreement with ROKY Oil Services Investments, the company said Sept. 21.

The facility in Dimmit County, Texas, also has a mud farm, commercial truck wash and frack tank washout center serving Eagle Ford Shale operators.

In 2014, Fortress raised more than $9.3 million to build its first SWD supercenter prototype in Waelder, Texas, by working with ROKY's oil and gas investment syndicate. That facility serves oilfield trucking fleets and drilling operators.

"After evaluating numerous equity and energy crowdfunding sites, we selected ROKY's investor relations team based on their 22-year, proven track record of successfully raising money and funding more than 250 oil and gas projects throughout Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming," said Tim Koziol, Fortress' CEO.

"ROKY has a very impressive crowdfunding investment syndicate led by Mike Parsons and two super angel investors, Jim Casparie and Elliot Reiff, who developed TVA's leading-edge fundability assessment rating system to vet deals for their network of more than 600 accredited investors who follow their recommendations," he added.

ROKY Oil Services Investments is currently accepting new qualified and accredited investors into the investment syndicate.