EPIC Midstream Holdings, LP on Jan. 14 reaffirmed that the EPIC Crude Oil Pipeline remains on schedule to begin interim service from Crane, Texas to Corpus Christi, Texas, during the third quarter of 2019. The project is expected to be in permanent service beginning January 2020.

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EPIC has secured 100% of the mainline right-of-way for the crude pipeline and anticipates the initial 30” pipe delivery by the end of January 2019. Construction of the 30” pipeline is expected to commence shortly thereafter. All pipe has been ordered from domestic mills. EPIC anticipates significant construction synergies between the Crude and Natural Gas Liquids Pipeline given the same construction crews will be utilized over the same right-of-way.

The company continues to work diligently with all governmental stakeholders and its shippers to ensure that all features of the project comply with current policies. The company is committed to addressing and resolving any issues that may arise during the ongoing administrative review process. EPIC does not foresee any obstacles to obtaining the necessary approvals related to the 700-mile 30” crude pipeline originating in Orla, Texas, with a terminus in Corpus Christi, Texas.