Enteq Upstream, the oilfield services technology and equipment supplier, has launch its novel alternative to traditional rotary steerable system (RSS) on March 2 for directional drilling: the SABER Tool (Steer-At-Bit Enteq Rotary Tool).

An evolution of the concept proven and tested by Shell and licensed to Enteq, SABER is now ready for next stage field trials.

The SABER Tool uses internally directed pressure differentials to steer from the drill bit face, delivering true “at-bit” geosteering. This mechanically simple design also removes the need for traditional pistons and pads that are susceptible to rapid wear and reliability issues—an approach which can create a smoother and more precise wellbore with easy to manage directional control. SABER is designed to offer a robust, reliable, simple and cost effective directional drilling alternative to current RSS options.

Enteq licensed the designs and intellectual property from Shell in September 2019, following successful initial trials, before assembling a technical team with more than 150 years’ combined RSS and directional drilling design experience. The team has re-engineered the concept so that the end result is a mechanically simple, plain collar and compact design that promises excellent control and new levels of reliability.

“The directional drilling market today is dominated by rotary steerable system designs based on similar concepts, supplied by a small group of companies which have been largely unchallenged,” Martin Perry, Enteq CEO, said. “However, efficiency of directional drilling is becoming more essential as unconventional oil plays rise in prominence. It is essential to control costs, minimize downtime and maximize reliability and drilling speeds in order to remain competitive. We believe the SABER Tool will prove to be a more accurate, more agile and more cost-effective alternative to existing RSS offerings.”

Enteq expects the SABER Tool to be commercial during 2021, and interested potential partners are welcome to enquire for more information on the design and testing. The SABER Tool will also benefit from Enteq’s historical proficiency and reliability in downhole technologies for high-temperature environments.