EnergyNet is launching a new technology-enabled platform tailor-made for higher valued assets from upstream energy companies, the A&D advisory firm said in an April 15 release.

The new platform, named EnergyNet Indigo, offers a complete range of asset divestiture capabilities and strategic advisory services. The platform will feature upstream oil and gas asset deals valued from $20 million to more than $250 million.

Since its formation 20 years ago, EnergyNet has built an online marketplace for upstream oil and gas assets with the largest active network of buyers and sellers in the industry. Headquartered in Amarillo, Texas, EnergyNet employs 50 full-time upstream A&D professionals including engineers and geologists to facilitate private sales, sealed-bid sale processes, transparent bid auctions and government agency lease sales for oil and gas assets.

In the past two years, EnergyNet said it has successfully closed the sale of $5.25 billion in oil and gas assets for its clients. These have included over 125 deals individually valued between $10 million and $175 million.

“As EnergyNet continues A&D efforts for upstream oil and gas auctions, sealed bids and negotiated sale divestment processes, we continue to strengthen our services and communication between the nationwide business development team and the company’s technical team [petroleum engineers, geologists, financial and GIS analysts] to accelerate EnergyNet’s strategic initiatives and align company resources to deliver superior results for client success,” the company said in the release.

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