Drillinginfo said Jan. 29 it formed a new strategic collaboration with Hart Energy’s Rextag unit, a global infrastructure database and mapping service, to create a combined midstream business product.

The Drillinginfo-Rextag integration provides a cutting-edge solution to analytical mapping for the midstream sector with all relevant datasets in one platform, which provides powerful context and unprecedented infrastructure siting and mapping, according to the Drillininfo press release.

“Bringing Drillinginfo and Rextag together combines two best-in-class services for an unparalleled view of midstream activity. The moment you insert Rextag data into Drillinginfo’s platform, it has a new and valuable context,” said Tanya Andrien, senior vice president of strategic development for Drillinginfo, in a statement.

Maps are critical for analysis in the oil and gas industry and the midstream sector requires extensive analysis of surface mapping for supply logistics, such as processing locations, pipelines, facilities, storage, refineries, rail, well locations, renewable energy infrastructure and electrical transmission.

However, currently, companies analyze midstream problems by piecemealing different datasets or simply make important decisions with only partial information, the Drillinginfo press release said.

“Maps and timing matter in this business and Rextag has earned a stellar reputation for delivering to the oil and gas industry what they need, and when they need it,” added Bernadette Johnson, vice president of market intelligence for Drillinginfo, in a statement. “With Rextag’s GIS datasets inside Drillinginfo’s platform, we’re able to serve more interests than if we operated individually in silos. We’re partnering with the best to offer the best.”

Dubbed Drillinginfo Midstream Infrastructure, the new combined service is now available to current users or new customers and is uniquely positioned to address questions such as:

  • Which gatherers operate in the vicinity and may be able to pick up my production?
  • Are there buyers for the production from my wildcat well?
  • Which potential acquisition candidate merits premium pricing because they are next to existing, available takeaway infrastructure?
  • Where might unforeseen pipeline bottlenecks occur?
  • Knowing the true takeaway capacity, how do I gauge the impact of supply adds/misses and changes in pricing?
  • How will increased oil pipeline capacity (or rail) affect the discount crude price?

Rey Tagle, Hart Energy’s senior vice president for data services and founder of Rextag, said in a statement: “We are excited to partner with Drillinginfo and are confident the new DrillingInfo Midstream Infrastructure service will become an essential tool. This new integration provides unique value by combining data from the two leading upstream and midstream providers in one platform.”

Screenshot of DI Web showing the Permian Basin pipeline network, colored by pipeline operator, and daily GPS Rig locations. (Source: Drillinginfo)