De Nora has acquired a majority interest in Neptune Enterprises LLC, forming De Nora Neptune LLC. A Texas-based water service company, De Nora Neptune has specialized in “on-the-fly” frac water treatment and cost-effective produced water recycling in the unconventional oil and gas industry since 2012.

As the service arm of De Nora, De Nora Neptune brings to De Nora a service capability to both directly serve the industry and provide on-the-ground support to its existing technology customers within the Permian Basin and beyond.

Bryan Brownlie, managing director of De Nora Water Technologies Texas LLC said, “De Nora technologies enable on-the-fly frac water disinfection to be completed with unmatched economics, and with no hazardous chemicals produced or precursors needed. Our partnership with Neptune has enabled us to deliver more than just the technology, but also that technology as a service to our customers. Further solidifying that partnership will provide better customer service, and critically better economics to the market, saving operators money every barrel. We are excited about the path forward as we continue to work together.”

Water represents a significant expense for onshore E&P well operations and reducing fresh water use is a critical environmental and economic consideration. Effective produced water recycling reduces water costs and can eliminate the need for disposal of water. Disinfecting water prior to use in frac operations kills the bacteria that generates hydrogen sulfide—a gas that is dangerous, costly to scrub from oil and gas, and sours the well.

De Nora has been addressing the offshore and onshore water treatment needs of the oil and gas industry for decades, from proven solutions in biofouling control, sewage treatment, and membrane filtration on offshore drilling platforms, to onshore frac water disinfection, produced water recycling and oil refinery process water treatment. De Nora has a range of technologies that address the enormous challenge of water in the unconventional oil and gas process.

Alex Gonzalez, president of Neptune Solutions Company, said, “The operators have challenged all water treatment companies to find the best solution based on price, safety and effectiveness. This acquisition is bringing them exactly what they have asked for: the safest technology, complete bacteria kill and the lowest price in the industry. This is really good news for all operators.”