Chevron has selected’s risk management platform for scaling OT (operational technology) cybersecurity on Sept. 9. said it is excited to partner with Chevron to provide automation for scaling OT cyber assessments and intelligent insights for making consistent cybersecurity improvements.

“We’re very excited to be working with Chevron as they replace manual, spreadsheet cybersecurity practices with scalable, digitized processes,” Ted Gutierrez, CEO at, said. “Their risk management team has done amazing work and it's exciting to see where they're headed.”

Chevron's use of was put to the test with the COVID-19 pandemic preventing travel. 

“When the quarantines started, we had no real impact on our cyber assessment program because we were transitioning into (’s) automation. We had a number of projects that did not stop at all. (Because of it was just as easy to do them without any travel or physical presence, and that would have been impossible before,” Kenny Mesker, industrial control systems cybersecurity advisor at Chevron, said.

As Chevron continues improvements, it will take advantage of the platform to scale its ability to complete more cyber assessments in a shorter time frame and understand risk priorities faster, without incurring the cost of hiring up to do it all; bring consistency to performance metrics and reports, enabling them to track improvements easier and measure program effectiveness with greater accuracy; and take advantage of high visibility dashboards and micro-level reports that bridge the IT/OT gap and enable the global risk management team to decentralize many processes and empower facility risk owners.