SAN FRANCISCOVoltus Inc., the leading distributed energy resource software platform, on Aug. 10 announced it has partnered with Chesapeake Energy Corp. to enroll 10 MW in the Southwest Power Pool Operating Reserves market. The Southwest Power Pool is a fast-response, ancillary services market that pays businesses like Chesapeake to reduce electricity consumption in response to a market signal, driving down electricity costs for neighboring communities and supporting the reliability of the electric grid.

Voltus enrolled Chesapeake’s Oklahoma City campus in the program in June with plans to ramp enrollment through the end of 2022. Voltus is installing its technology at the campus, enabling automated market participation while giving Chesapeake’s energy team visibility into their real-time electricity demand.

“Chesapeake is eager to contribute to the reliability of the electric grid and the safety of the surrounding community through this innovative program,” said Kent Hanebaum, Chesapeake’s director of corporate facilities.

“Voltus is giving customers in the region the opportunity to not only contribute toward a more flexible and resilient grid but tap into new revenue streams that support economic growth,” said Gregg Dixon, Voltus CEO and co-founder. “Voltus is leading the industry by turning SPP businesses into valuable operating reserves resources that can be harnessed in times of need.”

Voltus has established a leadership position by enrolling thousands of megawatts of distributed energy resources in U.S. and Canadian wholesale electricity markets with its marketplace software platform that automates the “machine to meter to market to money” challenges of distributed energy resource and virtual power plant orchestration. The Voltus platform automates the real-time scheduling, bidding, dispatch, call center support and settlement for every type of operating reserves distributed energy resource, including energy storage, distributed generation and demand response.