Charif Souki and Martin Houston formed Tellurian Investments to deliver low-cost LNG to customers around the world; the company will provide liquefaction, mid-scale NGL and export services on the U.S. Gulf Coast, Tellurian said Feb. 23.

Bechtel will build the plants and Chart Industries will develop the liquefaction technology. Souki is the former CEO of Cheniere Energy Inc., and Houston helped develop BG Group Plc’s LNG business; he is currently the chairman of Parallax Energy.

Souki said that Martin Houston developed liquefaction facilities in Trinidad, Egypt and Australia, and built the world’s first portfolio LNG trading company.

Souki and Houston have more than 50 years' experience handling cost-leading LNG projects.

Souki and Houston said they are considering the world’s energy needs from 2020 to 2040. The U.S. has low-cost natural gas and low-cost manufacturing, good locations along the Gulf Coast for facilities, available labor and a good regulatory environment. There is a track record of approvals for LNG projects, Tellurian said.