ChampionX Artificial Lift has launched XSPOC 3.1, the latest release of its production optimization software, on April 14. This release provides a number of powerful updates to the XSPOC platform, including advancements in setpoint optimization for rod lift wells and AI-driven autonomous control to better optimize production assets with less resources and time.

Harnessing artificial intelligence built into advanced optimization software allows operators to focus on high priority wells, while also maintaining optimal performance of their remaining assets. AI monitors and recognizes issues as downhole conditions and equipment operations change and then autonomously adjusts operations based on set parameters—with no human intervention—to optimize production based on each unique business strategy.

With the goal of protecting rod lift equipment without triggering unnecessary shutdowns, XSPOC 3.1 brings advanced setpoint optimization algorithms that have the flexibility to be implemented at the user’s discretion, whether that be manual, recommended, or autonomous modes. Adjusting setpoint parameters such as pump fillage, peak load, and minimum load, operators can determine the right balance between equipment integrity and production rates.

One of the most impactful new features is the autonomous idle time setpoint optimization, which leverages advanced algorithms to continuously adjust the idle time to meet each well’s dynamic downhole conditions. This allows XSPOC to pinpoint the idle time that allows the well to cycle the fewest number of times without losing production.

“Our customers continue to be challenged to do more with less, especially in today’s business climate,” Ron Holsey, vice president of Theta automation and optimization, said. “Leveraging AI and autonomous control, we are able to deliver consistent expert engineering across all assets, so their engineers can focus on more nuanced problems while expert algorithms ensure the remaining wells are operating as they should.”