CGG on Nov. 19 announced a program to deliver the largest OBN multiclient survey ever conducted in the U.K. Central North Sea (CNS). Planned to start in early 2020, the survey has already received significant industry interest and is being prefunded in part by BP. First results are targeted for first-quarter 2021.

In the CNS, where complex salt diapirism has created significant challenges to imaging deeper reservoir targets, this new survey, with its long-offset, full-azimuth coverage and good low-frequency signal in a shallow water environment, together with CGG’s advanced imaging technology, will provide a step-change in seismic image and reservoir characterization quality. In the first phase of this multi-year program, CGG aims to acquire over 2,000 sq. km of OBN data.

CGG is a leading geoscience company recognized for delivering high-end, high-value multi-client data sets. As the industry leader in OBN processing, CGG is uniquely qualified to launch this landmark program and bring new understanding to the complex CNS region.

“We are pleased to initiate this exciting new OBN program which will deliver unprecedented industry insight and lead to a step-change in development in this critical Central North Sea area. Our asset-light configuration enables us to best take advantage of key opportunities and fully leverage our core capabilities. The new data set will also complement CGG’s extensive high-quality Cornerstone towed-streamer data library in the area and support the UK Oil & Gas Authority’s strategy for Maximizing Economic Recovery,” Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO, CGG, said.