Burlington Resources Oil & Gas Co. LP, a ConocoPhillips unit, has completed two horizontal wildcats on the Nesson
Anticline of North Dakota, both as Bakken discoveries. Tests gauged a flow of 418 bbl. of 42.1-gravity oil, 300,000 cu. ft. of gas and 424 bbl. of water a day on completion of #44-8H Dennis in Section 8-147n- 96w, about 15 miles northwest of Killdeer in northwestern Dunn County. Nearest Bakken production is 1.5 miles southeast in Cedar Coulee Field. Burlington completed an additional discovery on the western flank of the anticline at #11-21H Dodge-State in Section 21-151n-96w, eastern McKenzie County, about 13 miles northeast of Watford City. The discovery in the Dimmick Lake Field area flowed 409 bbl. of 40.2-gravity oil, 495,000 cu. ft. of gas and 214 bbl. of water a day. Dimmick Lake Field has produced about 2.2 million bbl. of oil, 3.8 billion cu. ft. of gas and 4 million bbl. of water since its discovery in 1957 (primarily from Madison zones, but also from Duperow and Interlake). Johnson Corners Field produces from Bakken about four miles southsoutheast