Bureau Veritas has been awarded a six-figure contract to support drilling operations in the North Sea, the company said in a press release on April 2.

The long-term frame agreement will see Bureau Veritas provide inspection and verification services for nine rigs, with the project coordinated out of Bureau Veritas’s Aberdeen base.

The contract follows a successful 2017 for Bureau Veritas’s North Sea Offshore Operations, after it secured contracts worth more than £10 million (US$14 million).

“Bureau Veritas has always been committed to the North Sea region, viewing it as a viable business area where we intend to continue to grow, expand and support our clients,” Paul Shrieve, Regional CEO, North Sea Offshore Operations, said.

The client, a global drilling contractor, is also receiving the benefit of streamlined data tracking and reporting from the project as a result of Bureau Veritas’s Compliance System.

The cloud-based system has been developed by Bureau Veritas to gather clients’ disparate maintenance, inspection and verification data into one centralized hub, giving the client full detailed visibility at any time, in one view. The built-in dashboards provide a fully interactive, real-time, health check of clients’ assets—with areas of concern highlighted in a transparent and justified way, and through the use of an intuitive user interface and customizable database queries, the user is easily able to scrutinize large amounts of data in a quick, targeted and renationalized manner.

“It is important that technology is used to bring practical solutions to challenges faced by the modern energy industry, not just for the sake of technology, and that is core to the development of this system.

“Simplification, real-time answers to questions and risk reduction are all delivered through this and we look forward to supporting more clients with it,” Shrieve said.